Monday, December 22, 2008

Noah Howard: Live in Europe Vol. 1

Here's another one of those extreme hard-to-find albums. I obtained my copy several years ago on one of the p2p networks, and haven't seen it around the internet tubes since (save perhaps for the long-gone Church Number Nine blog). The sound is practically Coltrane-esque. This is music with plenty of fire, yet pleasing to the ears in much the same way that Trane's classic quartet was circa 1965. Noah Howard authored or co-authored three of the tracks. The remaining tracks are covers, including one of 'Trane's standards, "Ole'".

Noah Howard - Alto Sax
Takashi Kako - Piano
Ken Carter - Bass
Muhammad Ali - Drums (except track 4)
Oliver Johnson - Drums (track 4)

1. Creole Girl (N. Howard - N. Dove)
2. New Arrival (N. Howard)
3. Lift Every Voice And Sing (J. R. Johnson)
4. Ole' (J. Coltrane)
5. Kanpai (N. Howard - N. Dove)

Nat Dove is credited with arrangements for all tracks except "New Arrival". All tracks recorded at various European venues during 1975, and released on Sun Records, catalogue # SR 105.

Dowload Live in Europe Vol. 1