Thursday, December 4, 2008

Human Arts Ensemble: Junk Trap

Here's another one from the Human Arts Ensemble crew. Junk Trap was released by Black Saint in 1978, the same year it was recorded. Guaranteed to melt some faces. Cats looking for some sort of synthesis of AACM-style free improv, rock, and funk will love it.

1. Beyond The New Horizon (7:33)
2. Night Dreamer (11:00)
3. Brown Rock City (7:20)
4. Skiwee (6:24)
5. Junk Trap (9:16)
6. Electric Two (6:20)
7. Sequence (2:27)

Joseph Bowie (trombone)
Luther Thomas (alto sax)
James Emery (guitar)
John Lindberg (basses)
Charles Bobo Shaw (drums, bugle)

recorded May 1978, Milan, Italy

Download Junk Trap