Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In case you hadn't noticed

This place has become busy as of late. One factor is some occasional time to breathe. Until the 2nd of January, I'm on vacation, which gives me some time to line up some music to post. Even before that, once my courses were sufficiently prepped late in the semester, I was able to devote more to this particular endeavor. We'll see what the interterm and spring semester do to my schedule - I wouldn't expect the current torrid pace to go on indefinitely, but realistically I should be able to up a couple albums a week most weeks. The other factor was - thanks to some very kind donors - I've been able to afford some better software for ripping and transforming my cd collection to high-quality mp3 files (at least better than Windows Media Player). You've already begun reaping some of the benefits, and I'm only warming up. Over the next several months, I should be able to treat you to some out-of-print and often hard-to-find jazz recordings, as well as some industrial music, fourth world, and some other dangers.

In the meantime, if you're new to this joint, take a look around - there are plenty of albums to download (as of now there are over 120 active downloads available). To those who visit, I never say this enough: thanks.