Saturday, October 21, 2006

Some Housekeeping:

Updated and bumped.

I noticed that rapidshare has their new setup going (, and am giving it a bit of a test-drive. So far, so good. One thing that I've done is uploaded my jazz offerings on a new account there, and updated all of the relevant blog entries with fresh links. These should last a good long while relatively speaking. The only links I haven't refreshed yet are for the KMD album and the two Last Poets singles (I probably won't as there seemed to be little or no demand for them to begin with - though if asked frequently enough I might be persuaded to change my mind).

Expect some fresh material over the next few days.

Black Artists Group: In Paris, Aries 1973

Mtume Umoja Ensemble: Alkebu-Lan - Land of the Blacks, Album 1 (sides A & B) and Album 2 (Sides C & D)

Mtume: Rebirth Cycle

Miles Davis: Lost Mid 70s Sessions, Album 1 and Album 2

These links will likely go dead pretty soon, so nab 'em while you can. I'm thinking of trying out to see if that works a bit better for my purposes of keeping music links alive longer.