Monday, October 9, 2006

Re-upping a few albums

By request, I am re-upping some albums on rapidshare. Let's face it: rapidshare is not exactly an ideal solution, if for no other reason than that links go bad very quickly, it's not terribly foregiving to those downloading via dialup, and even with a decent connection, getting files uploaded is fairly time-consuming. For now, until I stumble upon something better we'll just make do. My suggestion is that if you've stumbled onto this blog and you find something you like throw caution to the wind and download asap. I don't mind re-upping though keep in mind that I may need a few days to do so depending on how heavy my schedule is.

The Positive Force w/Ade Olatunji: Oracy (new download link for Oracy)

Miles Davis: Lost Mid 70s Sessions (new download links for album 1 and album 2)

Dewey Redman: Coincide (new download link for Coincide)