Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Marcus Belgrave: Gemini II

This was one I was thinking of uploading, but looks like someone has already put forth the effort:

Marcus Belgrave - Gemini II (1974)

A lost classic of the spiritual soulful Detroit/Tribe jazz scene! Initially issued on the Gem Eye label in 1974, in a pressing of only 1000, the record's done nothing but increase in legend since. The sound picks up in the same domain as the better Art Ensemble Of Chicago records of the late 60s and early 70s -- with the rubbery funk electric bass lines and celestial groove. The record includes Belgrave's beautiful epic "Space Odyssey", which has a long flowing cosmic groove, nice electronics, and haunting trumpet solos. A focused, but still wonderfully loose set of spacey 70s soul jazz!


1. Space Odyssey
2. Glue Fingers (Part I)
3. Glue Fingers (Part II)
4. Gemini II
5. Marcia's Opal
6. Odoms Cave

Label: Gem Eye
Style: Free Jazz
Bitrate: 224
Links: iFolder
Props to Markey Funk of the Russian-language LJ community blog Black Man Land. It's a great album, most recently reissued on cd on Soul Jazz Records' Universal Sound imprint. Needless to say, this classic is currently in print and available at various record stores and online outlets - so, if you like this one, ante up some spare change and buy the album.