Monday, October 30, 2006

Marion Brown: Gesprächsfetzen

Calig CAL 30601 (D)

September 20, 1968
Modernes Theater München, Munich, Germany

Side A:
1. Gesprächsfetzen [15:00] (Marion Brown)
2. Exhibit A [2:55] (Marion Brown)

Side B:
1. Babudah [7:30] (Steve McCall)
2. Tomorrow Is The Beginning Of The End Of Yesterday [3:20] (Gunter Hampel)
3. Aba [6:30] (Marion Brown)

Marion Brown (as)
Gunter Hampel (vb, b-cl)
Ambrose Jackson (tp)
Buschi Niebergall (b)
Steve McCall (dr)

As Thurston Moore once put it, this one "really lays down the scorch." Side A begins with the title track, which builds in intensity until climaxing about 5 or so minutes into the proceedings - at which point the musicians seem to work mainly in solos & duets through the remainder of the tune. "Exhibit A" is a solo piece for sax that is an intense ride from start to finish. Side B starts out with "Babudah" - again beginning with a relatively quiet solo (this one featuring the bass) before turning into a group effort - given that drummer Steve McCall is credited as the tune's author, it isn't too surprising that the rhythm section is featured prominently - especially drums and vibes (not to worry, everyone gets a piece of the action). The tune has a pretty nice rhythm that's pretty easy to groove to. "Tomorrow..." begins with plenty of sax squeeks and skronks (backed with vibes and drums), then gets down to business - here more noirish - with quiet periods (vibes & drums) slowly giving way to chaotic climaxes. The final tune "Aba" has a slow loping beat and a 'late night at the bar' feel to it, again kind of noirish.

The album is hard as hell to find. Many thanks to whoever ripped this bad boy from vinyl. Expect the usual snap-crackle-pop sound, and also keep in mind that it's a live gig so the sound quality isn't always the best (the bassist, for instance, often gets lost in the mix). A cool document of one of the jazz world's unsung heroes.

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