Thursday, November 27, 2008

Michael White: Go With the Flow

Here's another one from the Michael White canon. Compared to the previous album, Father Music, Mother Dance, this one is a considerably funkier affair with the combo pared down to six performers, including holdovers Jenkins, Nash, and King and newcomers pianist Ed Kelly (who also appeared with Pharoah Sanders on a couple albums) and drummer Paul Smith. The title track and "In the Silence" are my personal faves - those tracks could easily appear alongside some mid-1970s Oneness of Juju tunes on a mix-tape or CD; in other words, kozmigroov at its spaciest and finest. "Moondust Shuffle" is a bluesy tune that swings like a mofo. Impulse! during the early to mid 1970s was a very special label, and generated plenty of music for which to be thankful.

Impulse! - Catalogue # ASD-9281


1. Go With the Flow
2. The Lady Sirro
3. In the Silence (Listen)
4. Spaceslide
5. Her
6. Moondust Shuffle
7. Go With the Flow


Michael White - Violin [Electric], Tambourine, Synthesizer, Percussion [Small]
Kenneth Jenkins - Bass [With Wa-wa Pedal], Bass [Fender]
Kenneth Nash - Congas, Bells [Griot], Kalimba, Vocals, Gong, Synthesizer [Moog], Percussion [Small]
Paul Smith - Drums
Ed Kelly - Electric Piano, Piano, Organ [Hammond]
Bob King - Guitar

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