Friday, November 24, 2006

Andrew Cyrille & Milford Graves: Dialogue of the Drums

The info:
Andrew Cyrille & Milford Graves - Dialogue Of The Drums
(Institute Of Percussive Studies LP, 1974)

side 1:
1. Message To The Ancestors 10.14
2. Blessing From The Rain Forest 6.16
3. Nagarah (Tymapni Duet) 6.16
4. Rejuvenation 5.19

side 2:
1. The Soul Is The Music 7.46
2. The Substance Of The Vision 7.07
3. Call and Response 6.13

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Two drummers with roots in the groups of Cecil Taylor (among many others) joined forces for this live performance at Columbia University in 1974. Both musicians are steeped in African drum traditions as well as being free improvisers of the highest order, so it's not surprising that the resulting concert is highly rhythmic, densely "noisy," and always very imaginative. Utilizing an enormous arsenal of percussive instruments in addition to the standard drum set, Cyrille and Graves, as the album title suggests, engage in intense conversations with each other, interacting with loose precision and exploding into frenzies of clattering assault. Isolating the individual contributions is virtually fruitless, but one can discern Cyrille's patented foot stomps and body smackings, as well as Graves' vocalizations and call and response activities with the audience. The LP release is something of a collector's item, but the bracing and unusual music make it one well worth seeking out.
This album is a drum/percussion lover's paradise. As the title suggests, this really is a dialogue - between the musicians through their instruments and between the musicians and audience. As far as I know there has never been a proper digital reissue, but thankfully these mp3s sound reasonably good. Enjoy!

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