Monday, December 4, 2006

Ted Daniel: Tapestry

Ted Daniel Quintet
Sun Records SR 112

1. Tapestry
2. Sweet Dreams (For Your Eyes)
3. Mozambique

Tim Ingles - "non fretted" electric bass w/ wah wah pedal
Jerome Cooper - drums
Khan Jamal - vibraphone
Richard Daniel - electric fender rhodes w/ leslie speaker, wah wah pedal and echoplex
Ted Daniel - fluegel horn on all tracks

recorded at artists house on january 26, 1974
produced by noah howard for altsax productions
Ted Daniel is an American trumpeter in the NYC loft scene who has been sorely under-recorded over the years. This is one of his three full-length albums, recorded in 1974, and features a cast of Jerome Cooper, Khan Jamal, Tim Ingles, and (brother) Richard Daniel. Strangely, this is not the expected free jazz blowout like his self-titled private pressed album is. Instead, Rhodes driven too hot through a leslie with placid improv by Khan and Ted over the top is the order of the day. The result is a gorgeous album that is mellow, modal, and perfectly aimless.
As good a description as any. Nice recording. By the way, this is the same Sun Records that released a number of hard-to-find Frank Wright recordings during the 1970s.

Available May 20, 2008 at Porter Records.