Thursday, December 14, 2006

Saint Louis Creative Ensemble

The info:
Saint Louis Creative Ensemble
I Can't Figure Out (Whatcha Doin' to Me)
Moers Music 1979

Side 1

1. Sold Not Told (14:31)
2. Leave Me, Savior Me (9:04)

Side 2

1. I Can't Figure Out (Whatcha Doin' To Me) (3:50)
2. M.U.L.E. (4:42)
3. .38 Special (3:40)
4. Five o'Clock Whistle (9:57)

Luther Thomas - as
Joseph Bowie - tbn
Rasul Siddik - tp
Darrell Mixon - bass
Charles Bobo Shaw - drums

Paris, March 3, 1979
This recording seems like an outgrowth of the BAG and Human Arts Ensemble crews. Many of the names in the credits should indeed be fairly familiar to those who dig on the BAG and HAE recordings. The music, too, should sound fairly familiar.

Download I Can't Figure Out (Whatcha Doin' To Me)