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Arthur Doyle Discography

Arthur Doyle Discography

Sessions Led By Arthur Doyle

Title: Alabama Feeling Label: DRA Records Year Released: 1978

Arthur Doyle (tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute)
Richard Williams (Fender bass)
Rashied Sinan (drums)
Bruce Moore (drums)
Charles Stephens (trombone)


1. November 8th or 9th – I Can’t Remember When
2. Something for Caserlo, Larry, & Irma
3. A Little Linda, Debra, Omita, Barry & Maria
4. Ancestor
5. Mother Image, Father Image
6. Development
a. BaBi Music for Milford & Huge
b. Alabama Soul for Arthur
c. Ramie & Master Charles of the Trombone

All compositions by Arthur Doyle (BMI)

Engineer: Rashied Sinan
Mastering Engineer: Rashied Sinan
Cover Art: Martha Hurd
Photos: Ken Mermel

Transfer to CD: Wharton Tiers, Fun City Studios, NYC, 2-25-98
Title: More Alabama Feeling Label: Forced Exposure Year Released: 1993

Arthur Doyle


1. Hao
2. Nature Boy

Year recorded: 1990

Title: Plays and Sings from the Songbook Volume 1 Label: Audible Hiss Year Released: 1995

Arthur Doyle (flute, tenor sax, piano, voice)


1. Ozy Lady Dozy Lady
2. Yo Yoo>Yo Yoo
3. Olca Cola in Angola
4. Hey Minnie Hey Wilber Hey Mingus
5. Flue Song
6. Just Get the Funk Spot
7. Govery

Photography and Cover Design: Rudolph Grey

Year recorded: 1992
Title: Live at the Cooler Label: The Lotus Sound Year Released: 1996

Arthur Doyle (tenor sax, flute)
Rudolph Grey (electric guitar)
Wilbur Morris (bass)
Tom Surgal (drums)


1. Spiritual Healing
2. Flue Song
3. Noah Black Ark

All compositions by Arthur Doyle (BMI)

Photos: Simon Badger
Liner Notes: Sumner Crane

Recorded March 15, 1995
Title: The Songwriter Label: Ecstatic Peace Year Released: 1997

Arthur Doyle (flute, tenor sax, voice)


1. Ancestor
2. African Express
3. Noah Black Ark
4. Are You Sleeping
5. Prophet John C
6. Chemistry of Happiness

All titles by Arthur Doyle

Liner Notes: Leonard Feather
Title: Do the Breakdown Label: Ain-Soph Year Released: 1997

Arthur Doyle (flute, tenor sax, voice)


1. Breakdown Take 1
2. Breakdown Take 2
3. Street Player
4. African Queen
5. Alabama Feeling
6. Battle of Jericho (traditional)
7. He Exists

All titles but #6 composed by Arthur Doyle
Title: A Prayer for Peace Label: Zugswang Year Released: 2000

Arthur Doyle (flute, recorder, tenor sax, voice)
James Linton (bass, cornet, bell, live loops)
Scott Rodziczak (drums, cymbals)


1. That Happiness
2. I Am Somebody
3. Ahead a Pothead
4. A Prayer For Peace
5. Chemistry of Happiness
6. Homo
7. Joy of Life
8. Flue Song
9. Free Love, Good Love
10. Flue Song (Tenor Variation)
11. A Head A Pothead
12. African Express

Tracks 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12 by Arthur Doyle; all other tracks composed by Doyle, Linton, and Rodziczak
Title: Live at the Dorsch Gallery Label: Carbon Year Released: 2002
Recorded live August 2000 in Miami Florida

Performer: Arthur Doyle


1. Track 1
2. Track 2
3. Track 3
4. Track 4
5. Track 5
6. Track 6

Released as a limited edition cdr.
Title: Egg Head Label: Hell’s Half Halo Year Released: 2003

Arthur Doyle (tenor sax, flute, recorder, piano, voice)


1. Johnny Dead Conspirator
2. Happy New Year 1999
3. Homo

Available as 7” single
Title: No More Evil Women Label: Qbico Year Released: 2005

Wilber Morris – Double Bass (tracks: 2, 4)
Rashied Sinan – Drums (tracks: 2, 4)
Tim Poland – Sonic Reducer (tracks: 1, 3, 5)
Dave Cross – Sampler (tracks: 1, 3, 5)
Arthur Doyle – Voice, Flute, Saxophone [Tenor]


A1 Red Bird
A2 Funk Breaks
A3 Jackie Millionaire
A4 The Boost

Available as LP only

One-sided yellow vinyl, octagonal cover with silver or yellow or black borders, artwork by Cindy Sherman, cover by Qbico

Tracks A1, A3 and A5 recorded in 2004, tracks A2 and A4 in 1989.
Title: No More Evil Women Tour Label: Carbon Year Released: 2005

Arthur Doyle (voice)


1. No More Crazy Women
2. Round Midnight
3. Stormy Monday

All vocals recorded to cassette

Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

Title: Plays the African Love Call Label: Ecstatic YOD Year Released: 2001

Arthur Doyle
Dave Cross
Tim Poland
Ed Wilcox
John Schoen
R. Nuuja


1. Omo
2. Ozy Dozy Lady
3. Govery
4. Money
5. Flue Song

live recordings by R. Nuuja at Bug Jar, Rochester (6/99) and Astrocade, Philadelphia (9/99)

sonic reassessment by Jim O'Rourke

thank you: June Wilcox, Seth Soffer

Ecstatic Yod Collective 221 Pine Street #4b1 Florence, MA 01062


Available as LP only
Title: Conspiracy Nation Label: Qbico Year Released: 2002

Arthur Doyle (tenor sax, voice, flute, recorder)
Leslie Q (bass, guitar)
Ed Wilcox (drums, percussion)
Vinnie Paternostro (Roland 505)
Tim Poland (Clavinova)
Dave Cross (turntable, Ibanez DM 1100 sampler, drums on side 1, track 1.)


1. Birdman
2. Ahead A Pothead
3. Barbatiri
4. Love Ship
5. Pull the String
6. Alabama and Mississippi Reunited
7. No Title

Side One rec. at Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY on January 24, 2002.
Side Two rec. at Analog Shock Club, Rochester, NY on January 26, 2002.

Available as LP only
Title: National Conspiracy Label: Carbon Year Released: 2004
Remix of pre-recorded and live material

Available as part of Carbon’s CDR series

Arthur Doyle and Sunny Murray

Title: Dawn of a New Vibration Label: Fractal Year Released: 2000

Arthur Doyle (tenor saxophone, flute, vocal)
Sunny Murray (drums)


1. Giblets 3
2. Nomingo
3. Nature boy
4. African express
5. Elephant dreams 3
6. Goverey

Tracks 3, 4, and 6 by Doyle; remaining tracks by Murray

Liner Notes: Dan Warburton
Photos: Aya Harada
Engineering and Mixing: Thierry Bertomeu
Executive Producer: Jerome Genin
Special Thanks: Francois Pardon

Recorded in Les Lilas, Triton Studio, 8th march 2000.
Title: Live at the Glenn Miller Café: Label: Ayler Year Released: 2001

Arthur Doyle (flute, tenor sax, voice)
Bengt Frippe Nordström (alto sax)
Sunny Murray (drums)


1. Spontaneous Creation, Pt. 1
2. Spontaneous Creation, Pt. 2
3. Spontaneous Creation, Pt. 3
4. African Love Call
5. Two Free Jazz Men Speak
6. Nature Boy
7. Joy

Liner Notes: Arthur Doyle and Sune Spångberg
Photography and Cover Art: Åke Bjurhamn
Engineer: Per Ruthström
Arthur Doyle/ Takashi Mizutani/ Sabu Toyozumi

Title: Live in Japan, 1997 Label: Qbico Year Released: 2003

Arthur Doyle (tenor sax, flute, voice)
Takashi Mizutani (electric guitar)
Sabu Toyozumi (drums)


1. November 8th or 9th – I Can’t Remember When
2. Alabama and Mississippi Reunited
3. I Pass, Then Resist
4. I’d Live in Her World, Then Live Without Her in Mine
5. Love Heal
6. Joy

Liner Notes: Ilya Monosov
Cover Art: Qbico

Rec. live November 14, 1997 @ Manda-la2, Tokyo, Japan

Available as LP only

Arthur Doyle/ Edward Perraud/ Dan Warburton

Title: The Basement Tapes: Label: Durto Year Released: 2003

Arthur Doyle (voice, tenor sax, flute)
Dan Warburton (violin)
Edward Perraud (drums)


1. Noah Black Ark
2. Birthday Song for Edward
3. Milford Graves
4. A Prayer for Peace
5. Homo
6. Street Player

Editing and Premastering: Eric la Casa
Final Mastering: Maïkôl Seminatore
Front Cover Art: Edward Perraud
Photographs: Thierry Trombert and Edward Perraud
Layout: Othila
Liner Notes: Dan Warburton and David Tibet

Rec. direct to DAT June 1, 2001, Perraud’s basement.

Arthur Doyle/Hamid Drake

Title: Your Spirit is Calling Label: Qbico Year Released: 2004

Arthur Doyle (tenor sax, flute, recorder, piano, voice)
Hamid Drake (drums, percussion)
Recorded June 7th, 2003 at MU REC Studio, Milano
Sessions led by others


Title: The Black Arc Label: Freedom Year Released: 1969

Noah Howard (alto saxophone)
Arthur Doyle (tenor saxophone)
Earl Cross (trumpet)
Leslie Waldron (piano)
Norris Jones (bass)
Mohammed Ali (drums)
Juma (congas)


1. Domiabra
2. Ole Negro
3. Mount Fuju
4. Queen Anne


Title: Babi Music Label: IPS Year Released: 1976

Arthur Doyle (reeds)
Hugh Glover (reeds)
Milford Graves (percussion)


1. Bä
2. Bi
3. Bäbi


Title: Desert Mirage Label: IACP Year Released: 1982

Alan Silva-dir
Pierre Faure-fl
Carl Schlosser-fl,piccolo
Aldridge Hansberry-fl,alto fl
Karo-alto cl
Denis Colin-bcl
Jean Querlier-oboe,ehn
Bruno Girard-vln
Pascal Morrow-vln
Didier Petit-cel Itaru Oki-tp,bugle
Jeff Beer-tp Serge Adam-tp
Bernard Vitet-tp
Michael Zwerin-tb
Domenico Criseo-tb
Francois Cotinaud-ts
Georges Gaumont-ts
Arthur Doyle-ts
Philippe Sellam-as
Sebastien Franck-as
Henri Grinberg-ss
Antoine Mizrahi-el-b
Rosine Feferman-b
Francis Gorge-g
Francois Leymarie-el-b
Jacques Marugg-vib,marimba,timbales
Adrien Bitan-vib,timbales
Ron Pittner-d
Bernard Drouillet-d
Gilles Premel-perc

rec. Paris, Studio Aquarium June 25 through June 27, 1982

Title: Transfixed Label: New Alliance Year Released: 1988


Rudolph Grey
Arthur Doyle
Sumner Crane

Title: Live NY 1980 Label: Audible Hiss Year Released: 1995

Rudolph Grey (Electric Guitar)
Arthur Doyle (Tenor Saxophone, Flute)
Beaver Harris (Percussion)


1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
4. Untitled

Cover Photo: Ronald V. Williams
Cover Design: Rudolph Grey
Recording Engineer/Graphics Production: R. Bianca

Recorded at Hurrah, NYC March 12, 1980

Title: “As Seen On TV” Label: Spare Me Year Released: 1996

Title: “I love music” Label: Muckraker Year Released: 1996

Title: Nature of the systems Label: Carbon Year Released: 2000

Title: Iamaphotographer Label: Plain Year Released: 2001

Credits for this discography:

James Benjamin (assembly, documentation of most of Arthur Doyle’s sessions as leader and some of his collaborations)

I owe tremendous thanks to the following individuals without whom this discography would be woefully incomplete:

Alan Cummings (documentation of Doyle’s collaborations, sessions work, and compilation appearances)

George Scala (documents Doyle’s appearance w/Celestial Communication Orchestra)

Fractal Records (documentation of Doyle’s compilation appearances)


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