Monday, September 22, 2008

Some Housekeeping

Around the end of my summer hiatus, apparently there was a bit of psychodrama that I thankfully largely missed out on. To hopefully avoid any sort of repeat, here's how this blog works:

1. I link other blogs and sites for one of two reasons - a) the blog or site links to here, or b) the blog or site has interesting content (imho) that I think others should check out. The usual norm in the world of blogging is that links, and the readership that hopefully accompanies those links, are to be encouraged. If you run a blog, but don't want new readers, you might look into either making the blog or website strictly "members-only", or maybe just get out of the blogging biz altogether. Also, if you have a blog and already link to here, just drop me a line and I'll be glad to reciprocate (within reason - I won't link to anything pornographic or racist, so don't even go there).

2. Comments are great! Although I don't often reply, I appreciate the props, feedback, and knowledge that others share here. That said, from this point forward, any language that I deem abusive or threatening will be immediately deleted at my discretion. The same goes for any comments (regardless of content) that are authored by "anonymous" (c'mon, that just shows a combination of laziness and cowardice).

3. Email is fine, but please note that even legit email messages can end up caught in a spam trap. If that happens, I'll likely never see the message. If you want to make sure that something related to this blog gets read, put this blog's name in your message subject header followed by a concise description of the message's topic. I check messages about every other day, so be patient. If a message is urgent, and you don't get a reply, re-send the message (just on the off chance that it got caught up in spam). Whatever you do, don't throw a tantrum because you don't get an immediate reply, and please realize that sending trolls my way in the aftermath of said tantrum will not help but rather will hurt your cause - they'll just get their comments tossed into the bozo bin, and in all probability will be banned from posting here from now on; I'll end up mildly annoyed, and your feelings will still be hurt.

That concludes this PSA. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.