Saturday, May 24, 2008

Various Artists - Live From Soundscape: Hell's Kitchen

Here's another one of those rarities that I managed to find at another blog about a year ago. I had already heard the Don Cherry tracks, since those had been circulating around p2p networks for the past decade. Let's just say that the whole album rocks the house. The info (courtesy Eliminate Fear Of The Unkown):
Live from Soundscape: Hell's Kitchen
Various Artists
128 Rate AAC Files (Equivalent to 192 rate mp3)

Tracks and Credits:

Odean Pope Trio [Odean Pope, tenor saxophone; Gerald Veasley, bass; Cornell Rochester, drums]:

1. Improvisation 1 (14.23)
Recorded 26 February 1983.

Peter Brötzmann Trio [Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone; Harry Miller, bass; Louis Moholo, drums]:

2. Improvisation 2 (18.49)
Recorded 28 November 1980.

Ed Blackwell, drums; Charles Brackeen, tenor saxophone:

3. Improvisation 3 (09.20)
4. Improvisation 4 (05.45)
Recorded 16 February 1980.

Don Cherry, stalagtites (5), flute (6):

5. Improvisation 5 (08.18)
6. Improvisation 6 (02.59)
Recorded October 1978.

All recorded at Soundscape, 52nd Street, NYC, apart from (5) and (6), recorded in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.
While you're at it, check out the review by j-bombay at Eliminate Fear Of The Unknown from that same link. No need to reinvent the wheel on my part. Hopefully j-bombay won't mind my taking the liberty to re-up this gem. It deserves to be heard.

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