Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last Poets - At Last

This was one of those Holy Grail recordings, that I finally managed to track down. The one review that I've read about the album was pretty unflattering, but at least to my ears it hits the right notes. It's not as essential as their early albums The Last Poets and This is Madness, or other recordings from the 1970s such as Chastisement or Delights in the Garden, and unlike any of those albums seems doomed to remain out of print. I actually think it fits in quite nicely with Chastisement and Delights in the Garden - it's just a bit more lo-fi than those albums. And if the vocals sound strained, contrary to the review, careful listening will suggest that it is intentional on certain tracks rather than an artifact of trying to be heard over the jazz combo backing.

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