Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jah Wobble & Evan Parker: Passage to Hades

Jah Wobble - Bass, Producer
Evan Parker - Tenor Sax
Clive Bell - Flute, Pipes, Harmonica (tracks 1, 3, 4)
Mark Sanders - Drums
Jean-Pierre Rasle - Bagpipes (tracks 1, 4)

1. Passage to Hades
2. Giving Up the Ghost
3. Full On
4. Finally Cracked It

Recorded in Sept. 2000 at Intimate Studio, and released in 2001 on 30 Hertz Records.

With the exception of "Full On" (which clocks in at just under nine minutes) the tracks run about 13 to 14 minutes each, allowing the musicians stretch out and their ideas develop. This one's all about the groove. Parker responds brilliantly in this context. Fans of Wobble will know what to expect. Evan Parker fans should be in for a pleasant surprise. Well-worth seeking out.

Download Passage to Hades