Sunday, December 23, 2007

David S. Ware: Birth of a Being

David S. Ware
Birth of a Being

hat HUT W (LP)

1. Prayer [10:50]
2. Thematic Womb [16:35]
3. A Primary Piece #1 [13:45]
4. A Primary Piece #2 [11:45]

all comp. Ware

David S. Ware (tenor sax)
Gene Y. Ashton [aka Cooper-Moore] (piano)
Marc D. Edwards (drums)

#1, 3, 4 rec. April 14, 1977
#2 rec. April 15, 1977
CIRecording, Inc.
New York City
This was David S. Ware's first album as a band-leader. If one needs to make the case that Ware has been one of the most consistently excellent recording artists over the last three decades, this album definitely evidence.

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